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The Texas A&M Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Evidence Center (Evidence Center) was founded in 2022 with a mandate to advance scientific understanding of society’s most challenging and vital questions about the agri-food system and its effects on nutrition, health, the environment and the economy. 

We contribute to evidence-based solutions for malnutrition, diet-related chronic diseases and economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture, while providing the scientific community with innovative tools and methods for appraising and synthesizing existing research.

We work with scientific experts from around the world to provide comprehensive evidence-based reviews to inform policymakers and other decision makers. The work we do serves consumers and producers by supporting the development of evidence-based policies and practices. These reviews use a transparent process to promote public trust and ensure that other researchers can replicate our findings.

The research teams that conduct our reviews are drawn from objective experts at the Evidence Center as well as from Texas A&M University and other institutions. They come from all career stages, so that gains in scientific understanding are shared with rising generations — bolstering research methods throughout the scientific community, fostering global consensus on standards of evidence and promoting confidence in science-informed policies and solutions.

Photos: Dr. Robert Berdan


Our Vision is to be recognized globally as an unbiased and authoritative source of evidence review and synthesis evaluating the cross-cutting issues impacting the agri-food system, in service of improving human, agricultural, environmental and economic health. 


The mission of the Texas A&M Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Evidence Center is to produce transparent and reproducible evidence reviews and syntheses assessing the effectiveness of agri-food policies, practice and guidance related to agricultural, environmental, human and economic health. The Evidence Center advances methods, knowledge and practice, as well as promotes the harmonization of methods, metrics and standards of evidence, to ensure policymakers have the key information needed to inform evidence-based policies.


Our work is focused on public benefit.
Our reviews are rigorous, transparent and replicable.
Our work is driven by the evidence with safeguards in place to limit bias.
Our research teams and projects reflect a diversity of experiences, perspectives and career stages.
Our work drives advancements in scientific methods and knowledge while building consensus on standards of evidence.